Swamp Block Set


Perfect for animal enthusiasts, this special 12 piece set puts a world of wildlife at your little one’s fingertips. Dive into the murky water and discover the fascinating wonders of nature. The Swamp play set offers building blocks with a murky green theme. Build the shy turtle hiding behind its tree or the relaxed little snail, the choice is yours. But it does not stop there. Leave it to your imagination to build creations outside of the box.

These bio-based toy blocks are made from the remains of sugarcane plants. They are Eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and specially designed for little hands. Combine these colorful blocks with different blocks to bring make-believe worlds to life! Stimulate your child's development with a color sorting or fine motor activity. Children practice lasting life skills through play and creativity.

Box measures: 8.9" x 5.5" x 3"

Made in the Netherlands

Ages 1 1/2+