Penguins Rock! Board Game

by eeBoo

Race to complete your nest as you discover: Penguins Rock! This simple, fast-moving board game brings hands-on joy to practicing patience and strengthening counting skills. This glossy game is beautifully illustrated by Linda Bleck and based on the actual behavior of Gentoo penguins who cooperatively build rock nests with their mates. The aim of the game? Gather your penguins, build up your pebble piles and be the first to waddle them home to build a nest. The twist? Watch out for your competitors, rocks may also be taken from neighbors’ nests! Includes a game board, 8 penguin figures, 1 die, and 24 multi-colored cardboard rocks.

Game board measures: 18" x 18"

Box measures: 9.5" x 9.5"'x 1.5”

Ages 5+