Ooze Labs: Big Box of Science


Outfit your chemistry lab with five big and sturdy plastic test tubes and a test tube rack to hold them, and then launch into your exciting explorations:

Instant Snow: Combine a special, non-toxic snow powder with water and watch as the mixture expands to hundreds of times its original size, creating a light and fluffy material resembling snow. Glowing Slime: Whip up a batch of slime that stores light energy and then glows in the dark! Oobleck: Mix your own oobleck — a mysterious oozy substance that behaves a little like quicksand. Crystal Tree: Grow a delicate crystal feather with a fast-forming crystal solution. Thermocolor Slime: Make your own color-changing slime that changes from green to blue depending on the temperature. 

Learn about the fascinating scientific phenomena behind the behaviors of these amazing materials. Perform additional experiments with the test tubes and household materials.. All of the chemicals included are completely safe and non-hazardous. A 20-page, full-color experiment manual guides you step by step through the experiments. 

Box measures: 14.6" x 5.8" x 2.6"

Ages 6+